digital surface model with 5 m post spacing
digital surface model
with 5 m post spacing

The very detailed and accurate representation of the surface is achieved by using a sophisticated and well adapted algorithm implemented on the basis of the Semi-Global Matching approach. In addition, the final product includes detailed flanking information consisting of several pixel-based quality and traceability layers also including an ortho layer.

Subset of Euro-Maps 3D orthoimage. Click to enlarge. Subset of Euro-Maps 3D digital surface model. Click to enlarge. Subset of Euro-Maps 3D source layer. Click to enlarge. Subset of Euro-Maps 3D. Click to enlarge
Euro-Maps 3D showing parts of Ankara
top to bottom: ortho layer, digital surface model, quality layer indicating the source of the
height value: gray=IRS-P5 Cartosat-1, yellow=SRTM C-band, red=edited, blue=water edited

Product Overview

Post Spacing 5 m
Spatial Reference System DD, UTM or other projections on WGS84
Height Reference System EGM96
Absolute Vertical Accuracy LE90 5-10 m *
Absolute Horizontal Accuracy CE90 5-10 m *
Relative Vertical Accuracy LE90 2.5 m
File Format GeoTIFF, 16 bit
Tiling 0.5º x 0.5º
Ortho Layer Pixel Size 2.5 m
Base Data IRS-P5 Cartosat-1 PAN-A and PAN-F in-flight stereo data
* verified over 22 test sites and valid for areas with slopes less than 20º

For further information and specific price quotations please contact GAF's customer support. See also the Euro-Maps 3D flyer.