digital elevation models with 5 m and 10 m post spacing
digital elevation models
with 5 m and 10 m post spacing

Euro-Maps 3D DSM is a homogeneous, 5 m spaced digital surface model product including detailed flanking information consisting of several pixel-based quality and traceability layers.

The Euro-Maps 3D for Ortho product consists of a 10 m digital elevation model and a 2.5 m ortho layer in the same geometry. Buildings were automatically removed from the DSM, whereas the heights of most forest areas are present in the product. Major water bodies were detected based on Sentinel-2 data and flattened. In urban areas, it is a very good approximation to a digital terrain model (DTM). This dataset is a perfect x, y and z reference for the orthorectification of HR and VHR images.

Ortho layer, for visualisation here with 5 m instead of 2.5 m resolution to match the 5 m post spacing of the DSM. Click to enlarge. DSM, hill-shaded. Click to enlarge. Number layer: red to lime = 0 to 12 = number of Cartosat-1 stereo pairs used for the generation of the height value. Click to enlarge. Source layer: green = derived from Cartosat-1 stereo data, red = filled with another DEM, yellow = edited manually and derived from surrounding values, blue = detected as water body and edited accordingly. Click to enlarge. Quality layer: green = meets or exceeds the quality described in the product specification, red = may not meet the quality described in the product specification. Click to enlarge. Accuracy vertical layer: green = 5 m for slopes < 20%, yellow = 7 m for slopes 20% - 40%, purple = 10 m for slopes > 40%. Click to enlarge. Subset of Euro-Maps 3D. Click to enlarge
Euro-Maps 3D DSM with ortho layer showing parts of Lake Mjøsa and Gjøvik.
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Product Overview

  Euro-Maps 3D DSM Euro-Maps 3D
for Ortho
Height Layer, Type DSM DSM DEM consisting of a good approximation to a DTM for urban areas and a DSM elsewhere
Height Layer, Post Spacing 5 m 5 m 10 m
Ortho Layer Pixel Size - 2.5 m 2.5 m
Number Layer + + -
Source Layer + + -
Quality Layer + + -
Vertical Accuracy Layer + + -
Water Bodies Lakes bigger than 2500 m2 and
rivers wider than 50 m for more than 1 km
are hydrologically corrected and consistent water flow is ensured
Major water bodies are flattened
Spatial Reference System DD, UTM or other projections on WGS84
Height Reference System EGM96
Absolute Vertical Accuracy LE90 5-10 m *
Absolute Horizontal Accuracy CE90 5-10 m *
Relative Vertical Accuracy LE90 < 3 m
File Format GeoTIFF, 16 bit
Tiling 0.5º x 0.5º
Base Data IRS-P5 Cartosat-1 PAN-A and PAN-F in-flight stereo data
Sample Austria Hungary Bosnia
Product Description pdf
Format Document pdf
* verified over 22 test sites and valid for areas with slopes less than 20º

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