digital elevation models with 5 m and 10 m post spacing
digital elevation models
with 5 m and 10 m post spacing

IRS LISS-III data are well suited for agricultural and forestry monitoring tasks. Because of their simultaneous acquisition with IRS PAN data, LISS-III data are ideal for colouring IRS PAN products.

LISS-III sample, full resolution
IRS-1D LISS-III, Wasserburg a. Inn, Bavaria

Default Parameters

  System Corrected Radiometrically Corrected
Path Oriented Path Oriented
Product Resolution [m] 25.0 23.5
70 (band 5)
Product Size [km x km] 140 x 140 140 x 140
Map Projection UTM -
Ellipsoid WGS 84 -
Resampling Cubic Convolution -
Format Super Structure BSQ + GeoTIFF Super Structure BSQ
Samples IRS-1C,

LISS-III data are delivered as 3 band products (2=green, 3=red, 4=NIR). Band 5 (SWIR) is an add-on to the product, free of charge, provided whenever possible. For a list of available map projections, ellipsoids and so on please check the order form.

The standard delivery time for small and medium sized orders varies between three and ten working days.

Data from areas outside the European footprint, gathered by other stations, are also available via GAF.

European footprint of Neustrelitz ground station
European footprint of IRS-1C and IRS-1D