digital elevation models with 5 m and 10 m post spacing
digital elevation models
with 5 m and 10 m post spacing

The following table lists all documents regarding file formats and naming conventions available for download.

    IRS-P5 IRS-R2 IRS-P6 IRS-1C/1D Oceansat-2
GAF Documents Product Format pdf -
File Names - - - pdf -
Native ISRO Format Documents GeoTIFF pdf - pdf 2) - -
RPC File pdf - - - -
Meta File pdf - - - -
Fast Format pdf - pdf 1) pdf -
Super Structure - - pdf 1) pdf -
HDF - - - - L1, L2

1) Different processors are in use for the production of IRS-P6 and IRS-1C/1D data products at GAF. Even so the document describes also a format for IRS-1C/1D, only the document under the column 'IRS-1C/1D' is applicable for IRS-1C/1D products processed by GAF.
2) The IRS-P6 document describes the GeoTIFF for IRS-P6 data products as generated by the DPGS processor and offered by some ground stations. However, the band separated GeoTIFFs delivered as part of the GAF Ortho Kit for IRS-P6 are not generated by the DPGS, are very basic, and a describing document does not exist.

IRS data products are provided via the Internet using the FTP protocol.