digital elevation models with 5 m and 10 m post spacing
digital elevation models
with 5 m and 10 m post spacing

X-Band Receiving Station

Reception of data from the fleet of IRS satellites is performed in close cooperation between DLR and GAF, with the three 7.3 m X-band antennas in Neustrelitz playing the major role. The geographical coordinates 13 degrees, 04', 28" East and 53 degrees, 19', 48" North at an elevation of about 78 m allow coverage of the whole of Europe, from northern Norway to North Africa, and from Iceland to the western parts of the Caspian Sea.

Neustrelitz X-band antennas
Two of the X-band antennas in Neustrelitz

IRS Processing Chains

Processing of IRS data is performed with GAF's dedicated chains for quick looks, standard data products, 5 m colour Merge products, ortho products and DSM products, which are implemented on UNIX like operating systems running on SGI and industrial PC hardware. For the production of ortho products and DSMs software developed by DLR's Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF) is employed.
For the production of ortho-mosaics a processing chain of GAF AG in Munich is used.